Thursday, July 23, 2009


Igen, ez a változás természetesen érinti az esküvődet is, de ha az esküvőipar is szinte percenként fejlődik, ha napról napra újabb ötletek és megvalósítások látnak napvilágot, akkor miért szerveznéd az esküvődet most is úgy, azon az elven, ahogyan tette azt a barátnőd 2 éve vagy tették a szüleid néhány tíz évvel ezelőtt?

Az esküvő szervezést is hozzá kell igazítani a változáshoz!

Nem engedheted meg magadnak, hogy ne legyen tökéletes az esküvőd. De mi kell ehhez? Hogyan érhetsz el fergeteges hangulatot? Esküvő szolgáltatók interjúi között számtalan meglátás olvasható:

"Nagyon sok múlik a zenekaron, a vőfélyen valamint a társaságon. De leginkább a zenekaron."

"Lehet hogy furcsán hangzik, de nem elsősorban a vőfélytől. Sokat hozzátehet, sokat segíthet, sok múlik a zenén, de legtöbb a násznépen. Ha „nem veszik a lapot”, akár meg is szakadhat a vőfély. Persze ilyenkor is meg kell oldani a dolgokat."

"Főleg a zene és a vőfély összhangja a násznéppel."

Olvasd el Sorisokk Band esküvői zenekar hogyan vélekedik erről.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

All About The Enchanting Food We Call Chocolate

Almost everyone I have ever met loves chocolate. The best thing about chocolate is that it comes in many different shapes and sizes, including white chocolate, hot chocolate, fudge, and even chocolate chip cookies. Another great attribute of chocolate is that it tastes good with almost anything, so you can always work in a little chocolate with most meals. Most people I know believe that chocolate makes them feel good after they eat it. Chocolate is also one of the most popular gifts to give to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, because it makes people feel more sensual. Some people believe that this good feeling is just in your head and that it happens just because you think you are feeling better. However chocolate contains many different chemicals in it that help to cause chemical reactions that truly can make you feel better.

Chocolate contains many different stimulates that can help give some one a “pick me up”. Chocolate also contains a small amount of caffeine that can get you going when you are feeling sluggish. However do not worry about getting too much caffeine from chocolate, because it contains the same amount of caffeine that you would get from drinking one ounce of coffee. Chocolate also causes the body to release serotonin, which is a chemical that has been associated with decreased levels of depression, tension, and fatigue. Probably the reason chocolate is given on Valentine’s Day is that it also contains phenylethylamine which is usually released by the body when you are spending quality time with a loved one. Chocolate will not make someone fall in love with you or be more attracted to you, but it can help set the mood between two people that love each other. All in all chocolate is one of the best things on earth. If you are feeling down, need a boost of energy, or need help setting the mood, then get some chocolate and all of your troubles will just melt away.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Chocolate Gift Basket

Buying a present can be fun for one person, but for another the task of shopping for presents can be very hard, you have to consider so many factors when you buy a present and sometimes you don't know were to start. Don't panic, there is a gift that can make it very simple. It is not important how you buy it, or what is the circumstances, it is a present that saves time and lets you avoid the unnecessary stress of gift shopping, I am talking about the Gift Basket.

What is a gift basket? - A gift basket does not necessarily have to be a basket. It can be a decorated box, a bucket, a tin can, or anything that suits the purpose of giving someone a container full of surprises. A container can have several unique gadgets or mouth-watering pastries. The choice is up to you and what you deem perfect for the person you are going to give the gift to.

What makes this gift basket more convenient is the fact that you can give it to anybody, regardless of whether he/she is a male or a female. You just have to take into account the person's interest or taste. You can also choose a gift basket that suits your budget.

Why chocolate? Here are some things about chocolate that may help you consider a chocolate gift basket later on: Chocolates are so popular that it is almost impossible that it will be out of style ever. Chocolates are made from cocoa beans. Theobroma cacao, the scientific term for cocoa tree means food for the gods. Aztecs and Mayans believed that cocoa beans are from Paradise and a source of power and wisdom to anyone who consumes them. Montezuma, an emperor from Mexico, was known to take chocolate drinks before going inside his harem, giving rise to the idea that chocolate is a powerful aphrodisiac. Theobromine, a feel-good substance from chocolate, helps improve low blood sugar levels.

The chocolate gift basket is a great solution for those who are looking for a great present. The next time you will need to shop for a gift, you can try to create or buy your own Chocolate Gift Basket. Because it's always nice to receive something different, special when you made it.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Top Places To Get Gourmet Chocolate

Chocolates are popular as a toothsome sweet treat as also as a gift item. This speaks of passion and love. Whether it is Valentine’s Day or Christmas or simply a weekend chocolates can be taken to the heart’s content and offered to others too to win over their hearts. Indeed, chocolates are romantic gifts. Information about the top places for obtaining gourmet chocolate is important for going about with making the best chocolate purchase deals. One can simply chance upon some truly marvelous products by approaching the top gourmet chocolate concerns of esteem.

The name of Godiva comes first to the mind with the mention of premier gourmet chocolate providers. This is a popular luxury brand that makes a great presentation in terms of taste and gifting qualities. Apart from the range of delightful caramels, truffles etc. there is also a range of sugar free chocolates on offer.

Christopher Norman Chocolates is another top provider of extraordinary luscious and sensory provoking chocolate confections with classic flavors. One can get a taste of freshness in the unique products that are created in the New York factory from time to time using all natural ingredients.

Chocolates resembling semi precious gems can be secured from the top chocolate provider- Marie Belle New York. This is a provider of a signature line of chocolates made combining the best chocolate and the finest chosen ingredients while employing superior skills and techniques. A range of exotic flavors can be obtained displayed like gems in beautiful Italian boxes.

Lake Chaplain Chocolates is a top Vermont based producer of sweet indulgences- gourmet chocolates. From here is obtained the special combination of a rich fine-chocolate-making history, a heritage of craftsmanship and wonderful Vermont flavors.

The favorite truffles can well be obtained from the esteemed chocolate destination- Romanicos Chocolate. Hand rolled chocolate truffles with delectable flavors are its specialty. There are also beautifully packaged gifts of chocolates made available from here. The special Piccolo Art Collection offered from here contains hand painted chocolates that are filled with almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and caramel from Argentina.

L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates also feature among top gourmet chocolate destinations. The providers of the premier quality chocolate profess to procure the chocolates directly from the authentic sources. The chocolates contain herbs, spices, local honey, Mexican vanilla beans, nuts and dried fruits secured from the very best sources. Securing a box of chocolate from these people can certainly be a worthy buy.

Gourmet chocolates can indeed make special occasions seem all the more special. And with the chocolates obtained from the top gourmet chocolate providers an awesome experience worth cherishing for a long, long time is assured.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Take A Swim In A Chocolate Fountain

When it comes to enjoying the luxury of chocolate, could there be anything more decadent that a chocolate fountain? Rivers of smooth and creamy chocolate plunging over the sides of a fountain, tantalizing us with its rich aroma and velvety color. It’s the stuff of dreams - a chocolate fantasy of which Willy Wonka himself would be proud.

But while a chocolate fountain seems like it would be too good to be true, it is in fact real. Used for special occasions such as parties or weddings, the most common chocolate fountain is a tabletop device that keeps chocolate at a high enough temperature to keep it liquid. While some models will actually melt the chocolate for you, others require you to melt and add the chocolate yourself.

The chocolate fountain can be found in number of locations. Party rental stores will rent the fountain for your use and in some cases will assemble the fountain, operate it during your event, and disassemble it afterwards for a nominal fee. Other, smaller tabletop versions can simply be picked up at the rental site. Some require an electricity source and others are battery-operated. Regardless of the power source they all come in a variety of sizes and colors sure to fit your theme and budget.

If you plan to use the chocolate fountain at a number of different events, it may be worth the price to purchase one outright. An affordable and easy to operate chocolate fountain can be yours with just a little bit of research. Check out party supply stores for their best prices or clearance items. Or go online to compare prices and sizes of different models. For the party planners among us, the addition of a chocolate fountain can make our parties the popular place to be with this simple addition.

While some use a chocolate fountain as simply a decorative item, most will use it conjunction with bite sized fruit or pretzels that guests can dip into the fountain. Instant chocolate covered strawberries, or white chocolate covered pretzels will surely be a hit.

Sex, Chocolate And Your Best Friend?

Chocolate drinking, has since earliest times been attributed with the ability to increase human libido and prowess. Many have claimed it possesses sexual and medicinal properties. Chocolate is definitely considered by many to be an aphrodisiac.

It is statistically true that men tend to give women chocolate, however, whether it is for the supposed love properties is an interesting point of conjecture. According to many women (I personally believe them) it is much more romantic to receive flowers instead. Chocolates are an added bonus in these situations.

In Aztec culture Montezuma is reported to have drunk an average 50 goblets of cocoa a day. This was to increase his prowess in lovemaking. 50 cups is not really my cup of tea. Nevertheless, it has long been revered as a food of love.

Chocolate’s Medicinal Properties:

Many claims have been made about Cocoa’s beneficial medicinal properties, as well as various side effects for those who indulge in eating and drinking of chocolate.

This is not really surprising, we are after all discovering more about out own bodies, and the link between our mood and the foods we eat. What’s not so clear, are the actual effects consuming chocolate might (or might not) have on us.

The cocoa bean (Theobroma cacao) gives us the substance Theobromine. This is known to variously affect those who eat or drink chocolates.


  Theobromine is one of the active ingredients in cocoa and chocolate alike. It affects several of the major systems of the body:   The ‘central nervous system’. (The brain and it’s components)   The ‘cardiovascular system’. (The heart and lungs, which is one of the areas scientist now believe is beneficially helped by cocoa.) A current area for debate is the use of chocolate-based medicines in the treatments of coughs.   Theobromine is also said to cause raised blood pressure, as well as inducing vomiting.

Whatever the claims and counter claims of chocolate’s promoters and detractors, it is abundantly clear we in the people like chocolate. In Northern Europe individuals consume approx. 15 – 22 lbs of it per annum. Americans consume somewhat less.

Strangely, one of the ancient treatments for emaciation (weight loss) was to drink chocolate. It certainly helps many round the world to do just that.

I can personally testify that I put weight on if I eat large amounts of the stuff. The reason may be that we corrupt the bean with so much fat and sugar that add caloric value, rather than the properties of the beans themselves.

Fantastic Gourmet Chocolates Delivered to your Home

You and Chocolate:

Most sensible people are not concerned about their consumption of chocolate, considering them a luxury. They are usually given by an admirer, or purchased in an impulse to cheer us up after a gruelling day at the office.

Whatever our reasons, we like chocolate’s comforting power. Gourmet chocolates are fantastic, as are Swiss, Belgian, Thornton’s (my personal favourites) and Hershey’s chocolate.

There are increasingly more and more Internet sites, where you can browse the aisles of online Chocolate Malls, in a quest for 24/7 never ending chocolate heaven.

So, as you sit at home, indulging in your latest purchase a word of warning: If you have a dog or other pet.

Don’t Ever Feed Them Chocolate!

Let me repeat that!

Don’t Ever Feed Them Chocolate!

There are two extremely compelling reasons for this:

a. Theobromine is toxic for animals and can cause serious problems for them. b. If you share your favourite chocolates: THERE’S LESS FOR YOU!

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